Distance Between US Cities Calculator, Mileage Calculator by Plane and Car

Distance Calculator Find Distance Between USA Cities, Find the distance between US cities and calculate the flying distance and driving distance in both kilometers, miles and nautical miles. Distance in miles gives you the mileage between cities by this mileage calculator.
Use this calculator to find the shortest distance (great circle/air distance) between two cities on the Earth's surface and the travel distance by car.

Distances between major cities in US
From City to City Distance (kilometers) Distance (miles)
Distance from New York City,NY to Mesa,AZ 2131 mi 3430 km
Distance from Los Angeles,CA to Huntington Beach,CA 31 mi 50 km
Distance from Chicago,IL to Hillsboro,OR 1768 mi 2846 km
Distance from Brooklyn,NY to Vacaville,CA 2534 mi 4079 km
Distance from Queens,NY to Mobile,AL 1054 mi 1696 km
Distance from Houston,TX to Colorado Springs,CO 824 mi 1327 km
Distance from Phoenix,AZ to Arlington,VA 1975 mi 3179 km
Distance from Manhattan,NY to Billings,MT 1757 mi 2828 km
Distance from Philadelphia,PA to Davie,FL 1004 mi 1615 km
Distance from San Antonio,TX to Lancaster,CA 1202 mi 1934 km
Distance from The Bronx,NY to Fullerton,CA 2440 mi 3927 km
Distance from San Diego,CA to Palm Bay,FL 2193 mi 3529 km
Distance from Dallas,TX to Jurupa Valley,CA 1195 mi 1924 km
Distance from San Jose,CA to Long Beach,CA 323 mi 520 km
Distance from Austin,TX to Jackson,MS 467 mi 751 km
Distance from Jacksonville,FL to Renton,WA 2445 mi 3934 km
Distance from Fort Worth,TX to Pearland,TX 253 mi 408 km
Distance from Columbus,OH to Edinburg,TX 1287 mi 2071 km
Distance from Indianapolis,IN to Surprise,AZ 1506 mi 2423 km
Distance from Charlotte,NC to Beaumont,TX 849 mi 1365 km
Distance from San Francisco,CA to Montgomery,AL 2064 mi 3321 km
Distance from Hempstead (Town),NY to Mesquite,TX 1379 mi 2220 km
Distance from Louisville,KY to Colorado Springs,CO 1029 mi 1656 km
Distance from Seattle,WA to Stamford (Town),CT 2412 mi 3881 km
Distance from Denver,CO to Lakewood (Township),NJ 1624 mi 2613 km
Distance from Washington,DC to Ramapo,NY 219 mi 352 km
Distance from Nashville,TN to Warren,MI 482 mi 776 km
Distance from Boston,MA to Inglewood,CA 2600 mi 4183 km
Distance from El Paso,TX to San Francisco,CA 994 mi 1599 km
Distance from Detroit,MI to Fort Wayne,IN 136 mi 219 km
Distance from Oklahoma City,OK to Costa Mesa,CA 1166 mi 1877 km
Distance from Portland,OR to Aurora,IL 1724 mi 2775 km
Distance from Las Vegas,NV to Naperville (Township),IL 1491 mi 2400 km
Distance from Memphis,TN to Portland,OR 1845 mi 2969 km
Distance from Baltimore,MD to Frisco,TX 1201 mi 1932 km
Distance from Milwaukee,WI to Oceanside,CA 1727 mi 2779 km
Distance from Albuquerque,NM to Palmdale,CA 651 mi 1048 km
Distance from Tucson,AZ to Billings,MT 946 mi 1523 km
Distance from Fresno,CA to Hollywood,FL 2433 mi 3915 km
Distance from Mesa,AZ to Shreveport,LA 1047 mi 1684 km
Distance from Sacramento,CA to Topeka,KS 1386 mi 2230 km
Distance from Atlanta,GA to Greensboro,NC 308 mi 495 km
Distance from Kansas City,MO to Meridian,ID 1171 mi 1884 km
Distance from Brookhaven,NY to Peoria,AZ 2198 mi 3536 km
Distance from Colorado Springs,CO to Salem,OR 1024 mi 1648 km
Distance from Omaha,NE to Round Rock,TX 748 mi 1204 km
Distance from Staten Island,NY to McAllen,TX 1699 mi 2734 km
Distance from Raleigh,NC to Olathe,KS 912 mi 1468 km
Distance from Miami,FL to Tucson,AZ 1903 mi 3063 km
Distance from Long Beach,CA to Knoxville,TN 1939 mi 3120 km

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